How To Find The Perfect 55+ Place To Retire In Florida

Where is the best 55+ place to retire in Florida?

A noteworthy question indeed!  The answer may become obvious once you know some fun facts shared in this blog.  Florida is a huge state – it measures almost 700 miles from the northwestern border at Louisiana to the southern tip at Key West.   In between those two points the choices for the best 55 places to retire in Florida are plentiful.  From the villages Florida to On Top of the World – it all boils down to what lifestyle do you want in your next gated community.

Let’s face facts – if you live in the north and want to retire in the south, you will undoubtedly be making a significant change in your current lifestyle.  For one thing, you can clear out the clutter of gloves, scarves, and winter coats.  But more importantly, the most significant change will be shifting from your current routine into your new lifestyle, whether it is ending your work career, or you simply know that this is your time.  This is where the fun really starts.

Before you begin looking for the best 55+ place to retire (there are soooo many choices) you need to think about how you will spend your time in retirement and what interests you have.  Resort style active adult country club lifestyle 55+ gated communities are what this blog will focus on and will help you systematically sift through the decision making process and allow you to connect the dots from point A (where you are now) to point B – “The Best 55+ Place to Retire in Florida”.  It is not a long process, but it does require some decisions on your end.  Over the next several months you will find some features of the state that you might not be aware of that will help in your search.

As we begin this journey together, you may already have regrets of selling your snow blower, or think you will miss the two seasons up north “winter season and roadway construction season”, but once you find your own slice of paradise in Florida those things will quickly become memories of the past.  Current Florida residents searching for a new community may find affordable 55+ places that you never even knew existed.

Florida is the 3rd most visited state in the United States, behind New York and California. It is the vacation capital of the world.  There is surely something for everyone here!  The state is so long from north to south that we can separate it into two-season, three-season, and four-season zones.

Stay tuned and check back often for more clues to find “The best place to retire in Florida”.